<For new members>

WINGER premium goods

<For members>

1. Receive magazine of WINGER (3 times a year)
2. Access to Members-only website
3. Mail order of Exclusive Fan Club Goods
4. Exclusive Fan Club Concerts
5. Priority reservation for a concert ticket
.... and more!

The privilege has a case to change without a notice.


Total 9,720 yen(tax included) = Admission fee 1,080 yen + Yearly fee 8,640 yen

*Yearly fee is including postage.
It does not do the re-shipment to arrive by mail accident.

Please pay only yearly fee in the next fiscal year.


1.We receive membership fees paid only by credit card.
2.We send your membership goods etc. to you about a month after we confirm your payment.
We'll register you as a fanclub member from your payment month. And you'll continue to be a member for a year.
For example, if you pay in June 2015, you'll continue to be a fanclub member till the last day of June 2016.
3.After your payment you won't be able to cancel your membership no matter what the circumstance.
As a rule only valid for the persons registered as member under their name.
4.WINGER members-only website’s designated language is limited to Japanese.
Please translate to the language of your choice using the automatic translation function and enjoy.
5.Website's update and mail transmission will be based on Japanese time.
6.The priority reservation for a ticket is different depending on each performances.
Priority reservation will inform you of a possible performance in WINGER members-only website.
7.You may not be able to access the exclusive WINGER members-only website in some countries, depending on where you live.
By that doesn't shoulder responsibility by us.

 How to sign up

1.Please click [JOIN],read and check "membership rules" .
2.If you agree, please click on"Agree".
3.Please input your information, and, click "NEXT"
4.Please pay 9,720 yen in a credit card .
5.When the settlement processing is completed a member number is displayed.
From the next time you can log in by the member number (or the e-mail address) and the password that you register.

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