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Article 1. Purpose and Service

This Membership Agreement Terms and Condition (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms") is for STARMARIE to recruit new members for "OFFICIAL FANCLUB FANTASY CIRCLE" (hereinafter referred to as "the Club"), to provide admitted individuals (hereinafter Members) with a variety of information, benefits, and all or part of various services described in the following articles (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") for a membership fee.
The management of the Club and the providing the Service will be conducted by Clear Style Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company".)

[Membership Privileges]

#New Members#
FANTASY CIRCLE premium goods

#Existing Members#
Receive magazine of FANTASY CIRCLE (2 times a year)
An access to Members-only website
Mail order of Exclusive Fan Club Goods
Exclusive Fan Club Concerts
Priority reservation for a concert ticket
.... and more!

# The Service may be changed without a notice.
# To receive the latest information by e-mail, please register your e-mail address.
# The Club or the Company will not be responsible for undelivered information due to the email non registration, the incorrect email registration, or the lack of reception setting.

Article 2. Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions (the Terms)

1. The Members of the Club shall be deemed to have agreed to all of the Terms.

2. The Terms might be revised without prior notice, and Members shall be notified of the Terms reflecting the amendment on an ex post facto basis.

Article 3. Members

1. "A Member (or Members)" shall refer to any individual who agreed to the Terms and filed an application for a membership by following the procedures designated by the Club and whose application has been approved by the Club. The membership application may not be approved at the discretion of the Club.

2. After the applicant has been approved to join, if the person is determined to be unsuitable as a Member, the Club shall be able to withdraw the approval.

3. No applicant for membership shall submit any false information on any of the items to be registered.

4. Same person must not have more than one membership registration.

5. Membership Privileges can be used only by the Member registered, and not allowed to be used by or transferred to any third party.

6. Members shall pay the membership fee in a lump sum (including consumption tax, fees).

7. No one is allowed to have the multiple memberships. Paid annual membership fee will not be refunded. In addition, various services of Membership privileges will not be available.

8. Membership expiration date is one year from the month you paid the membership fee till the end of the same month of the following year.

9. If a Member wishes to continue the membership, the Member will have to pay the annual fee for the next year with a credit card before the membership expiration date.
As soon as the payment is confirmed, membership expiration date shall be extended by one year.

10. Members can enjoy the Membership Privileges of the Club.
The Club will not be responsible if the Members cannot use the Membership Privileges due to the inability to access to the Internet on a personal computer or a mobile phone.

11. For any issues other than the above, the Club is allowed to use its discretion and determine the solution, and Members will agree to it.

Article 4. Members obligation

1. In the event of change in any member information registered, the relevant member shall take the predetermined procedures for changing the information.
The Member shall contact the Club by email, addressing to wingworks@clear-style.co.jp
Even if Members were not available to Membership Privileges because of the neglected change of the registration information, the Club does not take any responsibility.

2. Members must manage the club membership number, password, etc., at your own risk.

Article 5. Prohibited acts
Members shall not engage in any of the acts specified below.

1. Any acts conflict to the Terms.

2. Reselling, transferring or loaning to any third party a right to purchase presold tickets, any ticket or goods obtained as part of the Membership Privilege, or any other right based on the membership by auctioning it or by any other means; or any act of pledging it or otherwise using it as a collateral

3. Any commercial or equivalent act in the Club or any act relating to politics or religion

4. Duplicating, reproducing or redistributing any copyrighted work of the artist, any newsletter, original goods or suchlike

5. Any act that infringes property rights, dignity, credibility, privacy, portrait rights, publicity rights or other rights or interests of the artist or any member or of the Club.

6. Putting any computer virus or other malicious program into the Club's website.

7. Any act that violates any law or regulation of Japan

Article 6. Termination of membership
The Club may cancel the membership of any Member who is deemed by the Club to fall under any of the following, and the Membership Privilege becomes invalid.

1. When a Member told the intention of termination to the club within the validity period. In such case, membership fees and other payment paid will not be refunded at all even if it is before the expiration date.

2. If a Member failed to pay the annual fee for the following year by the membership expiration date.

3. When a Member passed away.

4. When a Member is in breach of the Terms.

Article 7. Interruption of the Services
The Company may suspend or interrupt the Services without prior notice on the occasion of system maintenance or any unpredictable situation such as natural disasters or power failure.
Even if a damage to a Member or third party caused by the interruption of the provision of the Service, the Company does not assume the obligation to compensate for this. Also, the Company does not refund of Membership fees or any other payment made by the Member.

Article 8. Use of personal information
1. The Company will use the personal information of Members only for the purpose determined below.

1) Management of the Club and provision of the Service

2) Personal identification

3) Advertising the Company's various products and services, asking opinions and impressions for its various products and services, and compiling statistics.

4) Other purposes than the above with the consent of the Members.

2. The Company is allowed to use the personal information of the Members after the termination of the membership as long as the use is for the purposes of the preceding paragraph.

Article 9 Change in Personal information status
The Company will be able to delete all or part of the personal information of members that are deregistered or terminated by any decision as needed for the operation and management of the Service.

Article 10 Disclosure of personal information
1. The Company will not disclose Members'personal information to a third party other than the case below.

1) When the Members agreed.

2) The court, bar association, when the disclosure and submission on the basis of the authority of the legal obtained from the police station, the Public Prosecutor's Office and other government agencies, etc.

3) There is a need for the protection of life, body or property and yet when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.

4) When it is recognized by law.

2. In case any personal information of a Member is disclosed and used, and it caused any damage to the Member or a third party due to the misconduct of hackers, the Company does not assume any responsibility, except when there is a willful misconduct or a gross negligence.

Article 11. Disclaimer
1. The Company will not be responsible for the matters specified below.

1) The immunity reasons described in the Terms.

2) Any changes in the Terms.

3) Any change, interruption, termination or cessation of the Service.

4) As access difficulties or video degradation disorder to the Service.

5) Inability to provide the Service by natural disaster or other force majeure.

6) Interruption of the Service due to the administrative direction or restriction.

7) Any illegal activity by Members.

2. The company makes no warranty regarding the matters below.

1) Any accuracy, completeness, usefulness of the Service.

2) All of the equipment and the operation of the software that Members use.

Article 12. Damages
If a Member gives the damage to the Company (including affiliates) or other third parties, then the Member shall be responsible and compensate for the damage.

If a Member receives any complaints or claims from the other Member or third parties, the Member shall solve the issue at its own responsibility and expense.

Article 13 Exclusive jurisdiction of the Court

1. The validity, performance and construction of the Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
2. Any matter not provided in the Terms or any question regarding interpretation hereof shall be settled upon consultation in good faith between the Club and the member.
3. In the event of settling any dispute in court, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreed court of jurisdiction in the first instance.

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